A New Way To Get Fit In Glen Cove


Every year, it seems there is a new trend or fitness craze that touts itself as the number one weight loss, strength training or cardiovascular solution for getting into tip-top shape. While many of these methods fade away, others seem to gain more of a following as word spreads about its value in the fitness world. One of these training methods is CrossFit, and it looks like one that is here to stay as its popularity grows.

And on the North Shore, it has grown; CrossFit One Life, owned by head coaches Derrick Fish of Locust Valley and Tim Caputo of Oyster Bay, both 28, recently moved their training facility from Glen Head to a larger space on Garvies Point Road in Glen Cove to accommodate their growing business.

Fish says fitness has always been a big part of his life, and when Caputo, his best friend since their days at Locust Valley High School, introduced him to the CrossFit workouts, he was hooked.

“I was bored with what I was doing, workout-wise,” says Fish. “I started doing CrossFit and got more involved, and more advanced.”

From there, they decided to start their own business, which opened in the summer of 2012 in Glen Head. They expanded their space after finding an old warehouse on Garvies Point Road, and opened the new facility in Glen Cove in early November. Both men have various levels of certification: CrossFit, Kettlebell, Olympic Weight Lifting, physical education and nutrition sciences.

“A lot of time, when people join a gym, they go in by themselves, and it’s not always the most intense workout or they do the same thing and don’t see the results they want; they get stuck in a routine and plateau, which is what happened with me,” says Fish.

“With CrossFit, you’re always with a group, that makes it more motivating,” Fish continues. “Working out with people makes it more fun, and you’re more likely to look forward to going to the gym—it’s not so much like a chore.”

CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program that incorporates gymnastics, weight lifting and metabolic conditioning movements, and utilizes varied, functional movements at a high intensity level. Each class is an hour long and has between five to 15 participants, which allows for greater personal attention. Fish stresses that one of the great things about this method is that the workouts are always varied from day to day.

“Every day is different. You don’t really know what to expect and your body doesn’t get a chance to get used to the workouts, so you’re always seeing positive results from what we’re doing here,” Fish says. “A lot of times people are intimidated by CrossFit…everything we do here can be modified and varied so that every single person is getting a good and safe workout. ”

He says their classes range from ages 12 to people in their 70s, and they will also be starting a kids program focused on body weight movement—no weights involved.

“I love strength exercises and with CrossFit, I like how they are incorporated into the cardio workouts. I’m achieving training at a maximum level while constantly paying attention to form,” say Linda Cirigliano of Glen Cove, who has been a CrossFit One Life member for eight months, “They are amazing coaches.”

The club is open Monday through Saturday, with classes beginning as early as 5:10 a.m. and as late as 8:30 p.m. They also offer nutrition classes and personal training sessions. Visit www.crossfitonelife.com for info on schedules and pricing.

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