A Primer In How Not To Negotiate


A fellow by the name of Ron Menzel deposited a full-page letter in the June 10-16 issue of the Record Pilot excoriating Mayor Reggie Spinello, the Glen Cove Neighborhood Association and me for each publicly pointing out that Mr. Spinello is not a participant in the Glen Cove Y lease negotiations and, in fact, has been invited to stay out of them. The thrust of Mr. Menzel’s letter is that none of us are truthful. He implies that the Glen Cove Neighborhood Association’s recent press release sounds like it came from Mr. Spinello, and he calls Mr. Spinello’s explanation that he is not part of the lease negotiations a “false pretense.”

Now that Mr. Menzel has joined the crowd that thinks they know better how to lead the City of Glen Cove, perhaps he should take it upon himself to do exactly what he is demanding from Mayor Spinello. Let Mr. Manzel contact all the parties and try to insert himself, uninvited, into their negotiations. I’m guessing that if Mayor Spinello were asked for his endorsement for Mr. Menzel to stick his nose into other people’s business, the response would be, “Hey, go for it!”

One thing this new interloper should remember when he makes that call, however, is that he just got through painting one of the sides to the negotiations as a bunch of prevaricators. That’s probably not an effective negotiating technique, but hey, go for it!

—Michael A. Levy

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