A Very Foolish Proposal


At the Glen Cove City Council meeting of Aug. 25, a proposal on the agenda was put forth by Mayor Spinello to install a stop sign on the corners of Oak Lane and Dosoris Way, to try to prevent speeding and accidents. I think that this proposal is very misguided.  According to a few residents of Oak Lane, there have been accidents on that intersection. I do not believe that there were as many as one resident suggested.

I have had my business on the corner of Dosoris Way and School Street for 38 years and though I am two streets away from the Oak Lane intersection, I travel the full length of Dosoris Way several times every day of the week, for all the years I have been here. Although there may have been accidents at times, as there are occasionally on virtually every intersection of every street in every community over enough years, I can not recall seeing or hearing of any accidents along that road, except for the two which involved my truck, which was parked in my lot, during the past year.

I have studied that intersection since the meeting, at all hours of the day and night and I observed, from the Oak Lane intersection, that oncoming traffic is easily visible coming in either direction along Dosoris Way. When there are cars parked on Dosoris, it is more difficult to see oncoming traffic, especially coming from Walnut Road because of a slight rise in the pavement at that point, but from the left, there is clear visibility all the way to Stuart Drive if there are just a few or no cars parked on Dosoris Way.

Though I am not in favor of speeding, I have observed countless police and emergency vehicles traveling at speeds well above the speed limit on Dosoris Way. A stop sign would seriously impede these emergency vehicles which routinely use Dosoris as the fastest way to get to the hospital when even seconds count. It is possible that these vehicles might not fully stop at a stop sign, if installed, which could cause, rather than prevent, very serious accidents for drivers entering from Oak Lane, since the expectation is that everyone would be stopping at a sign.

The obvious and only solution to the potential problem is to eliminate permitted parking on the one side of Dosoris Way within 100 feet of the Oak Lane intersection. With that visibility in both directions, it would eliminate any danger whatsoever and still allow for unimpeded traffic flow. Since speed bumps can be dangerous and stop signs do not slow drivers down before they get to them anyway, speeding could be easily controlled by the use of police periodically using radar.

—Rick Smith

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