An Inflexible Mayor?


I notice some degree of support in the community for incumbent Mayor Spinello, but my own impressions of him have not been so positive. In dealing with certain issues, I detect a certain degree of intransigency on his part—and not keeping an open mind.

There are some issues in a city that can be quite complex and may require multiple levels of discussion. But there are some issues that can be resolved one-two-three. Let me describe two situations which are of the one-two-three variety, where their solutions are so simple that I am amazed that they remain unresolved since March of this year.

One is that there are two sets of double doors entering Glen Cove City Hall on Glen Street and only one of the double is ever unlocked. I fear the consequence of 100 people needing to escape a fire and panicking when they discover doors that will not open. Common sense dictates that those double doors should be completely unlocked whenever city hall is open. The mayor opts to take a calculated risk and hope there will be no fire.

The other is that there is no street sign at the intersection of Charles Street (one-way westbound) and Glen Cove Ave., right next to the firehouse. So far as I can determine, this may be the only intersection in the entire city without a street sign. It happens to be a very busy intersection. The mayor has stated that he sees no need for one. How can that be?

—Bob Praver

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