An Open Letter To Councilman Anthony Gallo:


Your plan for fiscal prudence calls for a 10 percent reduction in expenses over a two-year period. Please be specific as to where those expense reductions are coming from. Since personnel costs make up the bulk of the city’s expenses, the voters would like to know which hard working city employees you intend to put on the unemployment line. Your proposed 10 percent reduction in expenses would absolutely have to include layoffs thus resulting also in a reduction of some vital services.

“Push” has now come to “shove.” You have to be more “transparent” with the voters. Your political platform identifies such issues as tax reduction, creating government efficiencies, overdevelopment, balancing the budget, reducing debt, creating enhanced recreation, protecting city assets and implementing business-friendly atmospheres.

Sir, a lot of us are good at identifying perceived rather than real problems, but don’t have a clue as to how to solve either of them except with empty rhetoric. Are you possibly in that same category as so many of the rest of us are? The voters have heard nothing from you as to how you plan to actually solve any of the alleged problems you have identified.

Perhaps the voters will recognize that Mayor Spinello has been educated in the private sector as to what it takes to be highly successful in planning, organizing, administering, directing, overseeing, establishing spans of control and evaluating the activities and operations of corporate business. He has applied these successful concepts as the mayor of the City of Glen Cove in the venues of public safety, community development, administrative services, operations and maintenance, parks, recreation, facilities, and administration. Mr. Gallo, you are not even a department head in the school system, so how can the voters intelligently determine what qualifies you in any way at present to be our mayor?

Mr. Gallo, will you describe to the voters as to exactly how you plan to facilitate the development and implementation of long and short range plans, policies, goals, objectives, programs and time lines to provide the city with technical and administrative direction in meeting and maintaining city service’s standards better than Mayor Spinello has been doing? Perhaps you should recognize that to do any of the above is more of a science than it is an art, neither of which you are sufficiently prepared for.

Mr. Gallo, also, please tell the voters precisely how you will create government efficiencies. Are you implying in any way that our co-terminus police, fire, EMS and/or public works departments are inefficient? They are our professionals. What do you know as a physical education teacher and coach for instance about any of the management, leadership qualities and duties mandated for police/fire/EMS or public works departments that the Mayor Spinello and/or the current heads of those departments don’t know? If you are identifying perceived problems with state and federal governments, what are your solutions concerning lines of communication, coordination and cooperation without interfering with established protocols?

You are a good teacher and coach, but in summary, there doesn’t seem to be any data in your academic or professional vitae that the voters can possibly equate with you becoming the mayor or the CEO of a city such as Glen Cove any more than my own academic and professional credentials would qualify me for being a mayor.

—Bob Pemberton

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