Animal Lovers League Finds A New Home


Last week, the Animal Lovers League (ALL) announced its new administrative office location as the nonprofit organization’s first step after departing its Glen Cove home. The new office will provide ALL the opportunity to establish an administrative presence at 27 The Plaza, Suite B1 in Locust Valley.

“The new Animal Lovers League location will allow us to continue the outreach programs we have offered for over 20 years, in addition to our rescue and adoption programs,” said Joan Phillips, president and cofounder of Animal Lovers League. “An expanded online behavior help line will assist in preventing the surrender of pets to shelters by intervening before problems become too discouraging to pet parents.”

Precious and Tuxie, the first mascots of the Animal Lovers League

ALL has helped thousands of abandoned animals for more than two decades, providing a haven for hundreds of dogs and cats in the last year alone. ALL’s innovative and interactive humane education and counseling program for careers in animal welfare will be available to an increased number of Long Island communities.

“Our organization will continue to run on the love, patience and compassion of volunteers and rescuers who donate their time to support our mission of caring for homeless animals,” stated Ruth DiChiara, cofounder of the Animal Lovers League.

The Animal Lovers League donated 32 cages, six large cat apartments, outdoor play areas built for the shelter animals, food, cabinets, a washer, dryer, dishwasher and office furniture so the new shelter occupying the Glen Cove space would be operable on the first day.
The new group, Cove Animal Rescue opened on March 1, taking over the space at 40 Shore Rd.

“I am confident that Cove Animal Rescue will operate an animal shelter that the City of Glen Cove will be proud of. Cove Animal Rescue is made up of truly talented people united in their dedication to animal care and their enthusiasm for placing the animals in forever homes,” Deputy Mayor Barbara Peebles said.

As the Animal Lovers League adjusts to its new office location, it remains committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of animals in need. Members of ALL look forward to helping the animals of Locust Valley and neighboring communities.

The Animal Lovers League is a nonprofit organization that provides care for canines and felines in the Locust Valley community and throughout Long Island. Through donations and volunteer efforts, the Animal Lovers League is able to provide outreach programs, animal care education and spay and neuter clinics. For more information on the league, visit or the ALL Facebook page.

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