April Youth Of The Month


David Martinez and Michelle Giron were named Glen Cove Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Month for April.

Senior Youth of the Month Martinez, 13, is in the seventh grade at Robert M. Finley Middle School. This is the second time in a year that he has been recognized as Youth of the Month.
Martinez’s favorite subjects are social studies and English and he aspires to pursue a career in law enforcement to become a police officer or join the FBI. He also has a passion for soccer and hopes his talents on the field will help him secure a scholarship for his post-high school education. Martinez has been a member of the club for four years and during this time has made a lot of friends and has established a special bond with group leader Dejon (DJ) Taylor.

“I really trust DJ. We play soccer together and talk,” said Martinez. “He is my mentor and helping me to have a better understanding of things and make better choices.”

He also praises teen director Breanna Townsell for helping him with his homework and teaching him the importance of volunteering.

“It makes me feel really good when we get involved in projects that help the community,” Martinez said.

David Martinez and Michelle Giron

Junior Youth the Month Giron, 11, is in sixth grade at Robert M. Finley Middle School. She loves science and hopes to become a chemist when she grows up. She is also an avid dancer, skateboarder and artist with a special flair for comic book art and Anime. Giron would love to add musical ability to her many talents and hopes to learn to play the guitar and drums. Giron, who has been a member for five years, credits the club for helping her hone her digital arts skills and dance moves.

“The club encourages me to try and explore new things and it is lots of fun to learn about myself and what I am capable of,” said Giron.

She is also grateful to the club for providing a safe place for her to go after school and for the generosity the club imparts to her and her family.

“It is because of the club that my family and I are able to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal,” she said.

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