Arts And Sciences Come Together


There was a lot of beautiful artwork to be seen at the Hersh Fine Art Gallery in Glen Cove on Saturday night, Sept. 27, as the Long Island Academy of Fine Art held an opening exhibit in support of research and education programs at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. The event, which ran from 6 to 9 p.m. featured artwork from local artists Marjorie Van De Stouwe, Steve Forster, Stephen Bauman and others.

“This is the first time we are doing a benefit for the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in an effort to bring together the arts and sciences,” said Rebecca Forster, who is co-director of the gallery. “All the money that is made from the artist’s sales goes directly to programs at the CSHL.”

Marjorie Van De Stouwe, an accomplished painter and board member of CSHL, curated the show. She is trained in portrait, figure, landscape and plein air painting and many of her paintings depicted floral, still life works.

“I wanted to create an event that brought the artist and the scientist together,” said Van De Stouwe. “To me, creativity is creativity and I wanted to feature an exhibit that would marry those two things together.”

Van De Stouwe, who is an Upper Brookville resident and practicing rheumatologist, said that she has been studying and taking art lessons at the Long Island Academy of Fine Art for years and that all of the practice has helped her skills in putting together oil-based paintings.

“I studied with artists such as Robert Armetta, who is the founder of the Long Island School for Fine Art, and many other inspirational professionals who have conducted artist’s workshops over the years.”

Some of Van De Stouwe’s works that were displayed on the walls of the gallery included “Red Roses In Winter,” “Still Life with Amaryllis,” “Purple Allium,” and “Three Lilies in a Blue Vase.”

Some notable attendees at the benefit included President of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Bruce Stillman and Nobel Prize winner Jim Watson, who was a co-discoverer of the structure of DNA.

The Long Island Academy of Fine Art is a classical art school that holds daily adult classes, high school classes for portfolio development for college and kids classes for ages 9-13.



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