Author Teaches How To ‘Talk Smart’


When it comes to getting your point across, communication is key. And, according to Bob Lipp, most people have a difficult time getting others to hear their message, whether it’s in a business setting or personal situation. The Glen Cove resident and author of Talk Smart: Succeed in Your Business and Personal Life is hoping that the points he addresses will help others to become better speakers and communicators.

“People have a hard time speaking,” said Lipp. “The book gives people a basic outline of communication, filled with anecdotes and advice.”

Lipp is a business consultant/coach and used to teach communications at a university. He has spent a much of his career helping businesses communicate their message more effectively. But, he stresses that communication is important for everyone on a day-to-day basis.

“We are in an era of misinformation,” said Lipp. “Peoples’ inability to speak, coupled with other forms of communication leads to misinformation, miscommunication and mistakes.”
Lipp said the key factors of effective communication are being able to recognize your audience and focus your message. Another important part is listening.

Bob Lipp

“Effective communication is two or more people coming from the same starting point, trying to resolve something,” said Lipp. “Words are used to promote agendas and truth is what you get others to believe. It’s pretty damaging.”

In today’s world, we use other channels of communication, such as email, texts and social media, and have gotten further away from face-to-face communication, which Lipp said is the “most powerful and productive form of communication,” though it’s also the most challenging. One piece of advice he gives is to “invite the audience into the conversation” and allow them to participate.

“People want to be heard so they often talk and don’t listen,” said Lipp. “Whether you are addressing an audience of one or 100, what you say, how you say it and how you listen and respond to others, matters more than ever.”

Lipp decided to write the book based on a friend’s suggestion. He self-published the book through Amazon because the process is much faster. He and his wife recently moved their home and business, Marcomm Group, to Glen Cove from Great Neck and have found the area to be more laid back.

“I really love the community and we like the vibe of Glen Cove,” said Lipp, who has an office on Glen Street. “People are friendly and there are lots of wonderful things here, from the beaches to the restaurants.”

TalkSmart_062216AHe said he believes this book has tools that everyone can use to communicate more effectively, whether it’s as simple as deciding on when and where to go for lunch with a coworker to trying to sell a product. And, at 96 pages it’s a quick read.

“Conversations often lead to arguments,” said Lipp. “Effective communication is crucial to a healthier relationship, both professionally and personally.”

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