Bennett For City Council


A Democratic Primary will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 12, and the registered Democrats of Glen Cove have a very important decision to make. Currently, seven candidates are running for six City Council slots on the Democratic ticket and the primary will decide who appears on that line in the general election in November. It is extremely important that all registered Democrats be familiar with the candidates and make an educated decision on that day. I appreciate that you are taking the time to read this letter and I hope you will consider what follows as you head to the polls.

I lived in Glen Cove for three years as a child when my family returned to America after spending more than six years in Italy where I was born. We eventually settled in Bayville but when my wife and I were looking for a place to start our own family in 2010, Glen Cove was our first choice. We appreciated the value in owning a home here, the quality and diversity available in the school district, and the strong community feel among the citizens. I am running for City Council because I see each of those things in jeopardy.

With some choices to make in the coming weeks, you may be asking yourself why I deserve your vote. There are three very good reasons. First, I am a deeply concerned citizen like many who live in Glen Cove. With a significant mortgage and three children enrolled in two different elementary schools in the district, I am also heavily invested in the future of our city. Perhaps most importantly, my experience in the field of education makes me uniquely suited to perform the duties of a city councilperson who must exercise good judgment, work with a wide variety of people, be skilled in building consensus among the residents, and, above all, serve the needs of the community. I have been doing all of these things for more than a decade as a successful middle school teacher, assistant principal, and now, principal.

Everyday I work hand-in-hand with students, parents and staff members from all walks of life and together we share the common goal of educating the youth of our community. This means that on a daily basis I am listening to others voice their concerns and I work with them to solve problems. When a situation involves more than one party, I listen intently, weigh the facts and options, and make a judgment call, all the while being guided by the principles of equity and fairness. This is how I feel every Glen Cove City Councilperson should conduct themselves and I am confident that I can utilize those skills to faithfully serve this community.

But possession of the proper set of skills is not enough for our city council members. Our leaders should understand that they are servants of the residents of our city and, growing up, I had two exceptional role models who taught me just that. My father, Dr. William Bennett, began serving this community as a physician at the Glen Cove Hospital in the 1970s and has been doing so ever since. My mother started her career in education later in her life and became a highly respected member of the staff at her school for nearly 30 years. Both taught me what it means to serve one’s community and to put the needs of others ahead of my own. They devoted countless hours to helping others and have seen the benefits of their labors in the success and extended health of those whom they served. Following in their footsteps, I entered the field of education so that I could better my community like they have. The role of the city council is one of public welfare, too, and I have an understanding of the dedication and disposition it takes to be successful in that role.

With our community in a state of crisis, I reached out to a member of the Glen Cove Democratic Committee last November to see how I could help. In late December, I began attending the vast majority of council and pre-council meetings and have become a well-recognized face there. During that time, I have learned what the priorities of some of our current leadership are and I am disappointed. I believe this city deserves better than what has been guiding it during the past several years. I believe that the citizens should have information easily accessible and should get all of their questions answered. I believe the local government should work with the people not in spite of them. I believe that I can help.

If you feel the same way I do, I hope you will come out on Sept. 12 and support me as a candidate for Glen Cove City Council. Thank you for your consideration.

—Andrew Bennett

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