Best Days Still Ahead


As a longtime Glen Cove resident, I am thrilled that our community will soon begin the next chapter in our proud history. After two decades of progress by the Department of Environmental Conservation, we essentially have a new canvas down at the waterfront, and this is a tremendous victory for Glen Cove. But it is just the first step in reclaiming our waterfront.

The $1 billion Garvies Point project will build on that progress, transforming almost 30 acres of our waterfront into public open space, esplanades and community amenities that we all can enjoy, and putting another 30 acres to work for us—the taxpayers, homeowners, small businesses and students who make Glen Cove the great place it is.

I appreciate all the Department of Environmental Conservation did to help bring us to this point. Now, it is up to us to forge our own path forward. From where I’m standing, it looks like our best days are ahead.

—Michael Grella

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