Candidate DeRiggi-Whitton: 11th LD


Delia DeRiggi-Whitton (D, WFP, I)
Delia DeRiggi-Whitton is the 11th District Legislator, incumbent.

I am the best candidate because of my unwavering focus on financial responsibility, protecting our environment and the well-being of seniors, veterans and children.
As ranking member of finance, I am a strong proponent of ensuring county budgets are spent wisely through diligent financial oversight and fiscal responsibility. I am intent on doing away with excessive contracts and sweetheart deals that are rife in our county and urge large vendors to commit to community reinvestment programs.

DeRiggiWhittonI am also passionate about the environment. I drafted and received unanimous approval on a bill preventing fracking waste product sales in the county, secured funds for sewering studies, co-introduced a Green County Bill pledging to reduce emissions and increase climate resiliency. I am working with state and other leaders on the L.I. Sound Restoration and Stewardship Act with up to $65 million a year in funding.
As ranking member of the health & social services committee, I am devoted to the health and welfare of every citizen. For example, I sponsor mammography vans for women without health insurance and veterans outreach programs.

I will always do my best to ensure our tax dollars are spent responsibly and our families and environment are protected.

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