Candidate: Kristina Heuser


Kristina S. Heuser, Esq. is an attorney and married mother of two. Heuser holds a bachelor of arts degree in government and theology from Georgetown University. While in college, Heuser interned on Capitol Hill for Representative J.C. Watts (R-OK) and the House Republican Conference. Heuser also worked for The Declaration Foundation, a civics education, nonprofit organization founded by Ambassador and former presidential candidate Alan Keyes.

After college, Heuser returned home to New York and worked as a paralegal at the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office while pursuing her Juris Doctorate in the evenings at Brooklyn Law School. During law school, Heuser also interned at the United States Attorney’s Office (EDNY) and for United States District Court Judge Joseph Bianco.  After law school, Heuser worked for a small Manhattan firm and practiced in the areas of civil rights litigation and appeals and federal criminal defense. Heuser subsequently started her own firm to spend more time with her children. That law practice–Kristina S. Heuser, P.C.–is based in Locust Valley.

Kristina-Heuser-Heuser presently practices primarily in the areas of civil rights, employment law, municipal law and appeals. She also does pro bono work for the Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Alliance Defending Freedom. Heuser is the vice-chair of the Civil Rights Committee of the Nassau County Bar Association and serves as an editor for the Nassau Lawyer. Heuser was appointed by Mayor Reginald Spinello in January 2014 to serve on a part-time basis as Deputy City Attorney for the City of Glen Cove and she served the city in that role until July 2015 when she resigned to run for City Council. As Deputy City Attorney, she re-vamped the method of prosecuting violations of the city’s housing standards (commonly referred to as illegal housing offenses). Heuser also aggressively prosecuted other violations of the city code that impact the residents’ quality of life.

Heuser also serves as a deacon of the Glen Cove Christian Church, where she is a member of the church’s praise team and directs the annual children’s Christmas pageant. Heuser is also a member of the Nassau County Youth Board, appointed by County Executive Ed Mangano and unanimously approved by the Nassau County legislature.  Heuser is the coordinator of the Glen Cove Teen Court program and the attorney-coach for the Glen Cove High School Mock Trial Team.

Heuser hopes to continue her fight against illegal housing as a member of the City Council, which will enable her to draft and propose legislation that will aid in this effort.  She is also committed to improving the quality of life of all residents by creating a vibrant, walkable downtown. This can only be accomplished by supporting  small businesses and the local police. Heuser is also committed to protecting and preserving Glen Cove’s beautiful natural resources and will support and assist the mayor and his administration in restoring and re-opening Crescent Beach and creating more family-friendly recreational opportunities throughout Glen Cove. Heuser will also work with the mayor in rehabilitating the city’s fiscal condition by implementing responsible budgeting practices, reducing the city’s debt and borrowing and work towards reducing the tax burden on  residents and business owners.

She is a part of “Team Spinello,” running with Reggie Spinello on the Republican, Independent and Conservative party lines.

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