Cast Your Primary Vote For Silverman


Glen Cove Democrats have the rare responsibility of choosing the six most qualified Democratic candidates, out of a field of seven, who will then be on the General Election ballot in November.Only one of the seven has spent the last four years regularly attending city council, pre-council and planning board meetings, educating herself on the issues impacting our city. Only one has an MBA from NYU’s prestigious Stern School of Business. Only one works in financial analytics for the largest global information services company. Only one has the knowledge and experience to comb through the city’s budget reports, follow the money trail and explain it all in terms her fellow Glen Covers can understand. Only one has the courage to run a campaign on her own initiative—building a team, garnering bipartisan support, meeting Glen Cove residents by walking door to door, and raising money to fund the effort—all to earn the privilege of serving the people.

That person is Marsha Silverman.

Marsha, in my opinion, is the most serious of the seven because of the personal time and energy she has devoted to understanding how our city government works and how elections are run. She is someone I met when I ran for a council seat in 2014. Believe me, the process is not for the faint of heart. Marsha is well prepared with the facts when debating an issue. She does her homework, and doesn’t shy away from speaking truth to power.

Marsha believes very strongly that our city deserves independent voices on the council, and so do I. I want to elect representatives who want to do something, not be something. We need a financial watchdog on our city council, and Marsha is the only one of the seven who can fill that critical role.

Join me in voting for Marsha Silverman on Primary Day, Tuesday, Sept. 12. Glen Cove will be well served by this honest, hardworking individual who never gives up.

—Theresa Moschetta

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