Cheryl Brown For Trustee


There are some teachers that can make all the difference. I have known Cheryl Brown for about 20 years. My daughter started first grade on the younger side and I anticipated how she would adjust to a full-day program. Luckily, I had the honor of placing her in the hands of Cheryl Brown. Miss Yodis, her name then, was actively involved in every student’s growth and adjustment to first grade. I remember the evening she addressed the parents. She calmed us all and assured us she was always available to us and our children. She created a family, not just a classroom. Her encouragement and warmth helped her students to thrive in their new environment.

Early in the school year, Cheryl approached me to ask me if my daughter’s hearing was recently tested. It had been tested and she was noted to have normal hearing by our doctor. What everyone didn’t realize was my daughter had learned to compensate for her poor hearing due to fluid from ear infections. She became accustomed to hearing things as if she was underwater, and no one knew she suffered. Cheryl noticed that when she told her class to turn to a specific page in a book, my daughter confirmed the page by looking at her classmate’s book. She wasn’t hearing the page clearly. Instead of assuming my daughter was preoccupied, Cheryl shared her concerns and perception. My daughter retested, and she was given surgery to enter tubes into her ears. This made all the difference as she soared ahead with her reading and her confidence.

Of course, when my son entered school, I requested Miss Yodis. Once again, I felt calm and secure and now excited to watch him thrive. I am confident that Cheryl Brown would be an excellent advocate and trustee for the children and the North Shore community. You will watch her make a difference because she has a passion for education and does this all with an open heart.

—Toni Panariello

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