City Amends Resolutions


Last week’s Glen Cove City Council meeting reflected the coming of spring as employees were appointed to positions at the Glen Cove Golf Course and a handful of seasonal employees were appointed to both the parks and recreation department and to the beautification commission. A group of children were also recognized for their dedication to helping raise money for children’s cancer research at the annual St. Baldrick’s event on Sunday, March 20.

The council amended four bond resolutions for water improvements to resolutions adopted in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. These amending resolutions are reallocating resources between various water improvement projects.

“We borrowed in increments for several large water projects to save interest costs and to have startup funds for the projects. We now want to consolidate the balances and borrow only what is needed to complete the projects,” said Mayor Reggie Spinello. “These amendments will not require additional borrowing, it is just a reallocation of an existing resource.”

City clerk Tina Pemberton read two letters from residents praising city employees. The first letter thanked the EMS responders for their response and attendance to a man who had fallen while playing tennis.
The second letter thanked police officer Chris Pascucci for showing up in the early morning hours to a home that had a carbon monoxide alarm going off on a stormy night. Access to the home was difficult due to downed wires in the area and a street blockade prevented vehicles from getting through. The couple was told to open their doors and windows in case there was a carbon monoxide threat.

Despite having to park a quarter-mile away and walk to the house, Pascucci came and thoroughly checked out the home.

“His thoughtfulness and professionalism was most impressive,” Pemberton read from the letter addressed to Chief William Whitton. “Officer Pascucci exemplifies one of the very best qualities of the [Glen Cove police] officers.”

The next Glen Cove City Council meeting will be held at city hall on Tuesday, March 22, at 7:30 p.m.

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