Cold War Vets Eligible For Tax Exemption


Veterans of the Cold War era will now be entitled to a tax break in the City of Glen Cove, after the adoption of a tax exemption by the Glen Cove Board of Education on Monday, Nov. 28. Following a public hearing, the board voted unanimously to adopt the resolution of the alternative basic maximum exemption of 15 percent on school taxes.

“In December of 2013, the New York Property Tax Law was amended to give tax exemptions to all veterans except Cold War veterans,” said Victoria Galante, assistant superintendent for business. “The law was amended again to include Cold War veterans.”

The school district is required to hold a public hearing whenever it considers making a major change to tax allocations. Galante said the district includes 26 veterans who qualify for this exemption, which is the same reduction as other veterans are entitled to in Glen Cove. The veterans are still required to apply for the tax exemption through the City of Glen Cove. Cold War veterans are those who did not see war and served in the military between Sept. 2, 1945 and Dec. 26, 1991 and were discharged or released under honorable conditions.

“Cold War veterans should be acknowledged,” said trustee David Huggins. “We wouldn’t be sitting here discussing this right now if we didn’t have veterans who protected us.”

“We should recognize veterans for their service even if they didn’t see war,” said trustee Gail Nedbor-Gross.

Following the public hearing, the board held a regular meeting that included recognition of the boys varsity soccer team and an Eagle Scout project as well as a presentation of new course offerings at the high school.

The Glen Cove High School boys varsity soccer team won the Nassau County Class A County championship and became the Long Island co-champions.

“You are talented, wonderful group of individuals who have really played with honor, with respect, with dignity throughout all of your season, and particularly during your play-off games,” said superintendent Dr. Maria Rianna to the soccer team members. “I couldn’t be any prouder.”

Athletic director Denise Kiernan said, “No matter what happens in high school athletics, it’s about the experience that you remember the best. This experience that you have had has provided the Glen Cove community, staff and students and yourselves with a memory that will last a lifetime. To me, you are the best of the best and you have proven that to everyone.”

AJ Perfetti and the Boy Scout Troop 72 was recognized for the recent completion of Perfetti’s Eagle Scout project, which involved raising money for five new backboards on the basketball hoops at Robert M. Finley Middle School.

“AJ has contributed to supporting the Glen Cove schools as well as the Glen Cove community,” said Rianna.

“The idea AJ settled on was replacing the backboards on the middle school basketball black top,” said Nelson Iocolano. “Kids were using them within minutes of being installed. It’s something that will definitely benefit the Glen Cove and Finley Middle School community for years to come.”

The board was presented with three new course proposals: Concepts of Algebra, Concepts of Geometry and Scientific Research. Cassie Shannon, the mathematics coordinator, presented the two math courses and Glen Cove High School assistant principal Alexa Doeschner presented the scientific research course, all of which were approved to be added onto the course manual for the 2017-18 school year.

“Currently, to graduate from high school, every student must pass the Algebra Regents exam in addition to at least one course in Algebra. Currently, we offer two different pathways to get there,” said Shannon. “The new course will be a foundational course. Everything that needs to be known in the Regents will be taught in one year.”

The purpose of offering the math courses is to help students be better prepared for the Regents exams as well as to help them complete and pass the required math courses in order to graduate.

Scientific Research Literacy will be designed for ninth and 10th graders, a four-year program that builds on the research work that middle school has done, but incorporates scientific research. She said interested students must apply to the program and the science department would help them with the applications to the Siemens Competition.

“The course would help students start thinking about original research ideas,” said Doeschner.

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