Cops Remove ATM Skimming Device


On July 15, a skimming device was discovered on the ATM machine at the 7-Eleven store at 206 Glen Cove Ave., Glen Cove, according to the Glen Cove Police Department. Detectives said the device was discovered after a customer attempted to use the ATM and a part of the skimming device came loose, causing the device to separate from the machine. Glen Cove Police responded to the business and the skimmer was removed.

PoliceSkim_072415AAccording to detectives, a small camera was placed over the key pad to log in the key strokes and a card reader was placed over the card slot to capture the card information. A memory card was used to record the transactions, so the criminal would have to respond back to the ATM to recover the device in order to retrieve the information, detectives said.

“In this case, we do not know if the criminal has been replacing this skimming device on a regular basis, so anyone who has used this ATM should check their account balances for anything out of the ordinary,” said Glen Cove Lieutenant John Nagle.

He said steps to take to protect against this type of identity theft include changing your card PIN number, signing up for automatic alerts from your bank and using a strong PIN number with capital letters, numbers and lowercase letters.

“Whenever using an ATM, always cover the PIN pad with your other hand when entering your PIN number,” said Nagle. “Use ATMs that are in conspicuous locations and in well-lit areas.”
He said ATMs at banks are often safer because bank employees are more inclined to spot something attached to the machine that’s not supposed to be there. He said if anything is loose, notify someone in charge or call the police.

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