Dan Cox For City Council


My name is Dan Cox and I am a candidate for Glen Cove City Council. I moved my family to Glen Cove 23 years ago because I believe our city is an amazing place. I have spent the last 22 years actively involved in the Glen Cove Junior Soccer League working with parents to make the experience for our children the best it can be.

I coached in the Glen Cove Baseball and Softball league for 14 years. I am currently a member of the Glen Cove Recreation Commission that oversees the parks and recreation department and all youth and adult recreation programs in our city. My four children, ages 18 to 29 years, enjoyed the outstanding youth experience our city offers, including an excellent education in the Glen Cove City School District. I have had the honor of being involved in an outstanding PTA organization where I served a year as treasurer of the high school PTA and president of the Gribbin Elementary School for two years.

mc42515003aI served on the district’s Fine Arts Committee and currently serve on the district’s Technology Committee. I am an advocate for our children assuring that our youth programs are fun, safe, affordable and modern. My advocacy doesn’t end with our young children; I will soon be saying goodbye to my oldest child who will be leaving Glen Cove for Florida. I would love to have him stay here, but opportunities on Long Island for our millennial generation are all too few. Glen Cove needs to prepare itself for the next and what will soon be the largest generation of Americans. The millennial generation is different. They have grown up as the most educated, tech savvy, environmentally and health conscious group of Americans. Glen Cove needs to meet the challenges of our millennial children and grandchildren. We need to assure that new living space includes apartments and condominiums which are affordable.

New attractive retail within walking distance of these spaces and expanded recreational and entertainment offerings geared towards this generation are necessary.

We need to implement a solar energy initiative where all city owned buildings and parking garages be outfitted with solar panels. The city will reap savings through lower electric bills. My vision of Glen Cove is a safe, fun and modern place to live, work, and raise children. It can be a center of commerce and culture where people will come to shop, eat, and enjoy an extraordinary experience. I believe I can make a difference as a City of Glen Cove councilman and ask for your support on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

—Dan Cox

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