Deasy Dazzles During Spring Concert


Students in kindergarten through second grade at Deasy Elementary School in the Glen Cove City School District performed a harmonious and animated medley of tunes during the 2016 Spring Concert and Visual Arts Show, held at Robert M. Finley Middle School.

First-grade students delivered an outstanding musical selection at the concert.

With their families and teachers watching proudly, the students sang in unison and often complemented their performances with dancing, corresponding movement, instruments and props. With students’ visual artwork serving as a backdrop, each grade level, beginning with kindergarten, graced the stage separately to captivate the audience’s hearts.

Kindergartners kicked off the concert with four songs, delighting those in the audience.

The kindergartners opened the program with a performance of “The Austrian Yodeler,” “Say, Say Old Playmate,” “Big Old Storm A-Comin” and “Cupid Shuffle.” The first-graders followed, performing “Boom Boom, Ain’t it Great to Be Crazy,” “Listen to the Water,” “A Sailor Went to Sea/Long Legged Sailor” and “Happy.” Second-graders rounded out the performance with “Let Us Sing Together,” “Scat Like That,” “Roll That Red Ball/Buckle My Shoe/1,2,3, O’Leary” and “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).”

Deasy’s Spring Concert and Visual Arts Show served not only as a way for students to showcase their artistic skills, but also as an endearing forum for them to perform on stage for their loved ones.

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