Debate Now, Not Later


It would seem that any “debate” between Councilman Gallo and Mayor Spinello related to any governing differences that currently exist between them concerning the future of our city should occur before, and I repeat, before the September Primaries. For Mr. Gallo to know in advance the issues to be discussed would not be a “debate.” It would merely be a platform for him to make a prepared “speech” of some sort.

Mr. Gallo is known to be a popular physical education teacher and coach in our public schools system. These roles are admirable. They are key parts of our educational system. However Mr. Gallo is not a department head in the school system. Because of this deficiency, your readers might want to know precisely to what extent Mr. Gallo has honed the public sector management and/or leadership skills he alleges are needed for Glen Cove?

By comparison or contrast, Mayor Spinello has a documented history of being a successful private sector entrepreneur and CEO. During his two-year tenure as mayor and CEO of our city he has clearly demonstrated the expected effective and efficient public sector management and leadership traits he was elected to provide.

Thus a properly conducted and traditional style debate will give both candidates the opportunity to convince voters of their actual hands-on public sector knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to govern Glen Cove.

Maybe your readers with more life experience than mine can identify any previous mayoral candidate in our city’s political past, such as Mr. Gallo in this case, to agree only to a “debate” after voting take place?

Historically and traditionally, Glen Cove voters have always experienced such “debates” taking place before a primary and/or a general election, not afterwards. To have Mr. Gallo demand that the issues to be discussed also be given to him in advance is seriously flawed. Is this an indication that Mr. Gallo probably is not the right person to be our mayor?

If any of your readers feel Mr. Gallo should be more transparent concerning a traditional type “debate,” call him at his Campaign HQ phone: 516-801-3317.

—Bob Pemberton

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