Detective Honored By City


The City of Glen Cove recognized Detective Karl Van Allen at last week’s city council meeting for his hard work that led to the arrest of a criminal who stole $50,000 from an elderly Glen Cove couple last winter.

“Through Detective Van Allen’s commitment to helping local residents and leadership, he collaborated with the Suffolk County 4th Squad, the New York Police Department Intelligence Unit and the New York/New Jersey Fugitive Task Force (marshals) and was able to identify the subject, which led to the arrest,” said Mayor Reggie Spinello. “We are grateful and appreciative of your hard work and dedication to the community which you serve and protect.”

Spinello then presented Van Allen with a citation and asked him to comment. Spinello noted that this incident really affected members of the senior center and was instrumental in starting the center’s police liaison program.

Det. Karl Van Allen with his family, Mayor Spinello, the Glen Cove City Council and Lt. John Nagle

“It was a difficult case, but these are the kind of people who prey on the elderly,” said Van Allen. “They knock on their doors and distract them, and in this case they stole a life savings. It was just old-fashioned police work and I was able to identify and arrest him. I was determined because of the way he preyed on these elderly people and I wouldn’t take anything less than bringing this case to a close with his arrest.”

Lt. John Nagle said, “He did an extensive amount of work on this case. These people knew what they were doing and had tried to do the same thing to a couple down the street. It’s a shame that there are people like this who prey on the elderly, or anybody. But Karl did a great job, he reached out to other agencies, he did a lot of leg work that came together to arrest this guy who also has an extensive record. He does great work and it makes the department better.”

The council also passed a resolution after a public hearing regarding amending the Glen Cove Golf Course rate schedule; Spinello said there has been no price increase since 2011. The amendment means an increase of $1 in green fees and $2 in guest fees, but no increase in permit fees.

“These are just simple increases that we hope will generate more money,” said Spinello. “It could add up to $40,000.”

During the public hearing, Councilman Tim Tenke said, “This increase is nominal and Glen Cove does a phenomenal job with what they have. The people who work down there work hard to make sure the golf course is in tip top shape. A dollar raise for rate fees is really not asking a lot and it’s still a bargain. It’s still lower than surrounding courses that don’t have the views.”

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