Disappointed In Mayor


I enthusiastically supported Mayor Reggie Spinello in his previous three election campaigns. However, Reggie’s performance as mayor in his first term of office has been a major disappointment.
First, I wish to state that I personally have no issue or malice towards Reggie. But if you look closely at the mayor’s record, you will see Glen Cove is not moving forward, but sliding steadily backwards.
Mayor Spinello continues to remain on the sidelines in the on-going dispute between the YMCA and the Neighborhood Association regarding the Y’s lease that expires at the end of the year. Reggie and Councilman Mike Famiglietti also made every effort to deny a field use permit to the Glen Cove Junior Baseball/Softball league despite its years of service for our city’s children.

Reggie touts about less taxes to our homeowners. But my city taxes, as well as many other residents’, continues to creep upward during his administration. He continues to support the boondoggle of the Glen Cove waterfront development at Garvies Point. We just recently learned that the mayor supports the borrowing of additional $100 million to the project as well as adding over 300 condos to an already overdeveloped condo development plan.

During this campaign, Tony Gallo has shown that he has the patience and smarts to be a great mayor for our city.

First, Tony has made it clear he will target a 10 percent spending reduction over two years, reverse the city’s near junk credit rating, cease Glen Cove’s overdevelopment, work to establish budgeting restraints and provide as much support as possible to keep the YMCA in Glen Cove.

I have to add it is appalling to read and hear Tony being called a “traitor,” a “backstabber” and other derogatory names during the summer campaign simply because he made the critical decision to take on the current mayor.

As a former Republican city councilman who served our city for eight years, I urge registered Republicans, Conservatives and Independence Party members to support the “true” Republican with conservative principles, Councilman Tony Gallo, Jr. on Sept. 10.

—Steve J. Gonzalez

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