Divided We Stand, Divided We Fall


Source: http://roslyn-news.com/divided-we-stand-divided-we-fall/


  1. Joseph,

    Interesting analysis in your article. What I believe however, the media was also at fault. You will see in next week’s paper an op-ed in reference to the election. I votes for Jill Stein. The media ignored Jill Stein and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. Both were excluded from the debates from that misleading name Commission on Presidential debates that are run by the two corporate parties. If Donald Trump were not a celebrity he would have been dismissed by media as a “crackpot.” There is a silver lining in the elections. The xenophobic sheriff in Arizona lost his bid for reelection, four states voted to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, five states which included, Florida and North Dakota voted for legalization of marijuana for medical use, California and Washington State voted in a referendum to overturn Citizens United, and Maine and Oregon voted in their ballot referendums for preferential voting, which means you may vote for more than one candidate by rank choice from 1st to last place. This takes away the “spoiler factor” and negative campaigning.

    Jeff Peress

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