I have lived in Glen Cove for approximately 30 years. I have listened to the debate concerning Garvies Point for at least 20 of those years. Enough. I am so tired of listening to residents of Sea Cliff, Greenvale, Glen Head, wherever, tell the citizens of Glen Cove what they should do with land within their borders because of how it will affect them. They are worried about their view or traffic or runoff or whatever. Well, this is my city and I care about a beautiful piece of waterfront that has been laying fallow for years. I will lend credence to the voices of the citizens of Glen Cove. Because they live here, I will listen to their voices.

I, however, welcome a waterfront that I and my children and grandchildren can use and enjoy. I am welcoming the tax revenues, the jobs created,the pride of living in a beautiful destination city. I respect your opinions, you naysayers, but bottom line, this is my city. I want it to grow and change and prosper. I am not afraid of change. Not all change is detrimental. I respect the opposition to state their case but, bottom line, this is my city and I say, enough. I’ll deal with the traffic, the construction trucks, the increased inconvenience of a project this evolved. I maintain that in the end, the benefits outweigh the inconveniences

—Linda Bughman

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