Explanation Of Slate Choice


After my decision to run for mayor of Glen Cove was made, it became necessary to organize a group of individuals which would become the Democratic slate for City Council. Roderick Watson was already an elected councilman and expressed his interest in a re-election bid on the democratic line; he was the logical first choice to join the slate. Thereafter the process became a little more difficult and involved. I wanted to create a slate that was unlike all the previous campaigns I was a part of. I wanted a slate of council candidates which truly represented the diverse make up of our city. I wanted fresh faces and names without political baggage. I wanted those who felt that the city was no longer representing the taxpayers or listening to the needs of the residents. I needed to find five individuals who felt similar but weren’t afraid to speak their own minds and make their own decisions. I have found those individuals, Councilman Rod Watson, Marcela De La Fuente, Annie Phillips, Roger Williams, Gaitley Stevenson-Mathews and Andrew Bennett and they currently comprise the democratic slate for city council, “Team Tenke.”

Following the announcement of the full democratic ticket for the November 2017 election, Marsha Silverman filed paperwork to primary for a council seat. She is entirely within her rights to do so. I have known Ms. Silverman for several years. I find her to be a very nice, involved and intelligent woman. In fact, I have been criticized for not selecting Ms. Silverman to run for council on the ticket I assembled. On more than one occasion I spoke directly to Ms. Silverman and discussed my reasons for not selecting her as part of the ticket. One of those reasons dealt with Ms. Silverman’s lawsuits currently pending against the city. I did not think it would be appropriate to ask her to run with me as I was a councilman when she commenced those lawsuits. Further, in a recent article featuring Ms. Silverman, she admittedly stated that she would recuse herself from votes involving the real estate developments which are the subject matter of her lawsuits. That would be the right thing to do; however, recusing oneself from voting on critical issues affecting the public would not accomplish anything. The fact is she wouldn’t be able to vote on issues that she is most passionate about.

Additionally, and more importantly, the democratic slate for city council that was proposed several months ago was voted on by the Glen Cove Democratic Committee and approved. The slate was submitted to Nassau County and was unanimously voted on and approved at the Nassau County Democratic Convention. The Nassau County Democratic Committee has since endorsed the entire slate.

We, as Democrats, should get behind and support the approved and endorsed slate of “Team Tenke”.

—Tim Tenke
Democratic Candidate for Mayor of Glen Cove

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