Ferry-Go-Round In Glen Cove


Glen Cove’s plan to run a ferry service to and from Manhattan has been stalled because none of the seven operators who had expressed interest in the venture at a July informational meeting actually answered with bona fide bids to provide the service by the city’s Sept. 6 deadline. Whether this setback will affect the controversial Waterfront Project at Glen Cove’s Garvies Point remains to be seen.

Deputy Mayor Barbara Peebles said that developer RXR Realty hopes to begin construction in the next few weeks. The finished product would include 1,110 condominiums, which has been met with dissention from a surprisingly large number of Glen Cove residents as well as neighbors in Sea Cliff, Glen Head and Glenwood Landing. First of all, the plans will entail an unwieldy configuration of streets to handle the added traffic, ruining of the bucolic nature of the harbor and possible miscalculation of revenue promised by Glen Cove mayor Reginald Spinello. Close cooperation is being anticipated from RXR’s Scott Rechler, who has appeared to alter his stance on who exactly is responsible for the various costs of items involved. Work schedules themselves are also under question. Any ferry service and necessary parking would begin in spring 2018, about the same time that construction of the promised parks and amenities at Garvies Point will begin, according to deputy mayor Peebles, who is acting spokeswoman for the municipal improvements, taking some of the pressure off Spinello.

—Joe Krupinski

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