Field Trip To United Skates America


Glen Head second-graders, along with their teachers Allison Loring, Sandra Bucca and Diana Ajello, went on a fun and educational STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) field trip to United Skates of America in December 2015.

At the roller skating rink, the children learned about important STEAM topics including friction, acceleration, velocity and rotation and how they each applied to the fundamentals of roller skating.

GHSkates_012016CIn addition, they watched a presentation on the Science of Roller Skating and learned how newer roller skates have “come a long way.” They have advanced in so many different ways throughout the years with improvements in support, balance, durability, polyurethane materials and weight. Not to mention, the cool designs and colors. Plus, they were shown some examples of favorite people of STEAM, including Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Jane Goodall.

After the presentation, the Glen Head students were excited to put on their skates and start practicing their newly acquired STEAM roller skating skills.

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