Free Vessel Safety Checks


As the city welcomes the return of warmer weather and calmer seas, members of the Glen Cove Harbor Patrol (GCHP) are leveraging their off-season training as they prepare for the upcoming boating season by offering residents free vessel inspections.

GCHP, in conjunction with the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 12-03, will be providing free vessel safety checks to boaters in Glen Cove on Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31 at the Garvies Point Boat Ramp from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The inspections ensure that vessels (e.g., boats large and small, paddle crafts and jet skis) are in compliance with all federal, state and local requirements which allow for safe and legal operation.

Top row, from left: Officer Bernard Mundy, Officer Carmine Montesano, Officer Michael Athanasio, Officer Phil Congero, Officer Russel Lerch. Bottom row, from left: Sgt. Lawrence Demmler Sr., Lt. Dionisio Graziosi, Lt. John Dominguez, Chief John Testa.

“With 14 miles of shoreline and 32 square miles of water, boat and swimmer safety is of paramount importance to the Glen Cove community,” said Mayor Reggie Spinello.

Under the leadership of Chief Harbor Master John Testa, members of the Glen Cove Harbor Patrol invested their personal time in the off-season to participate in a series of training sessions that included chart reading, anti-terror tactics, boating while intoxicated intervention and incident documentation.

In addition, two GCHP new hires successfully attended Suffolk County Sheriff Academy and will be ready to hit the water this spring.

“We’re out there for the community to ensure a safe boating season for everyone,” said Testa.

The GCHP, under the management of the Glen Cove Police Department, consists of New York State Certified Peace Officers trained at the Nassau County Police Academy and certified by the State Department of Criminal Justice Services. The Harbor Patrol routinely performs search and rescue operations assisting boaters and swimmers in distress. They enforce federal, state and local boating and waterway laws and safe boating practices.

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