Fun Time To Be A Kid In Glen Cove


By Reggie Spinello, Mayor of Glen Cove

As a child growing up in Glen Cove, summer was definitely my favorite time of the year. I have many great memories of swimming at Morgan Park, biking to my friends’ houses and joining a pick-up game of whiffle ball or basketball. Today, thanks in no small part to our Director of Parks & Recreation Darcy Belyea and Arlene O’Dell, who leads the Glen Cove Youth Bureau, children in Glen Cove have more opportunities than ever to learn new skills, enjoy a wide range of camp and sports programs and gain valuable work experience.

With more than 10 active summer youth programs, Glen Cove’s Department of Parks & Recreation manages a schedule of activities any big city would envy. This summer, 520 children are enrolled in the city’s summer camp, including a new program that offers children with special needs a customized camping experience. Working with more than 90 Glen Cove teen camp counselors, many of whom are proud to have their first paying summer job, campers enjoy a host of activities like bowling, gymnastics, skating, trips to area attractions like Splish Splash, BOUNCE U, a train ride to Teddy Roosevelt Park and community service days.

For those children who want to play ball, the city offers children ages 3 to 15 a wide range of game play. There are soccer, tennis and golf classes and camps, an Under the Lights basketball league, as well as a series of Mayor’s Trophy Tournaments for baseball and softball players.

As a waterfront community, children can also sign up to learn to swim and row. And, if your child is hooked on fishing, mark your calendar for Aug. 15, when the Glen Cove Angler’s Club hosts the annual Mayor’s Snapper Derby for kids ages 6 through 16.

The Glen Cove Youth Bureau hosts a Glen Cove After 3 program which invites boys and girls in grades 1-8 to strengthen their academic, social and emotional skills as they progress from elementary school through middle school. Highlights of their activities include the arts, science, literacy and healthy lifestyles. This is accomplished through hands-on experiences with cooking, music, art, adventures in science, dance and soccer.

To beat the heat, kids can also enjoy one of the many programs offered at the Glen Cove Library, catch a matinee at the JJ Cinemas, learn pottery skills at Claynation, volunteer at Cove Animal Rescue or visit the Garvies Point Museum and Preserve.

For more information on these great summer programs, visit, call Glen Cove’s Parks & Recreation department at 516-676-3766 or contact the Glen Cove Youth Bureau at 516-671-4600.

Enjoy your summer and don’t forget to schedule some family time with a beach day at Pryibil or Morgan Memorial Park, a bike ride or a lunch at one of Glen Cove’s outdoor cafes.

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