Gallo Forms New Party


In last week’s primary election, Mayor Reggie Spinello was voted as the Republican mayoral candidate over Tony Gallo in a race that was important for getting Gallo and his team on the November ballot. Spinello received 573 votes while Gallo had 417, according to the Nassau County Board of Elections. However, these results do not mean that Gallo is out of the race.

“This race is far from over and my team and I will not relent,” Gallo told the Record Pilot. “In a nutshell, my team and I have secured the required number of signatures in order to form a third party line called Glen Cove United.”

Kristina Heuser, Nicholas DiLeo, Jr., Danielle Willis, Mayor Reggie Spinello,Pamela Panzenbeck, Tab Hauser and Joseph Capobianco

Spinello and his team will appear on the ballot under the Republican, Independent and Conservative party lines.

“The genesis for creating this third party line was to give Glen Covers a choice in the general election and to give my running mates a fair chance to represent the community of Glen Cove on Nov. 3,” said Gallo.

The city council candidates who will appear on the ballot as Republicans will be Pamela Panzenbeck, who received 560 votes; Joseph Capobianco with 558 votes; Nick DiLeo Jr. with 536 votes; Kristina Heuser who earned 475 votes; Efraim Spagnoletti with 426 votes and Roderick Watson with 424 votes.
Panzenbeck and Capobianco are currently members of the city council and are running again with Spinello, along with DiLeo and Heuser. Tab Hauser and Danielle Willis are also running with Spinello.

Roderick Watson, John Perrone, Philip Pidot, Tony Gallo, Efraim Spagnoletti, Nancy Hawkins and Carlos Shimabukuro

Watson and Spagnoletti (incumbent) are running with Gallo. The other members of Gallo’s team are Philip Pidot, Nancy Hawkins, Carlos Shimabukuro and John Perrone.
Councilmen Timothy Tenke and Michael Famiglietti are also running for city council again as independents.

“My deepest gratitude to our team of volunteers, our supporters, our friends and our families for going above and beyond in helping our team win,” said Spinello after the primary.

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