Gallo Fundraiser Introduces ‘Slate of the Decade’


Attended by the “Who’s Who of Glen Cove,” the Team Gallo fundraiser held on June 24 at the Metropolitan was crowded with well-wishers. Anthony Gallo, Jr., Republican candidate and present city council member, gave a speech targeting the problems in Glen Cove.

Touching on his platform, Gallo said he believes the city government must be more attentive to protecting the city’s assets, specifically citing his concerns regarding over-development and the city’s current financial situation.

Following Gallo’s speech, his fellow candidates, all long-time Glen Covers, took the podium. The Team Gallo slate of City Council candidates includes Nancy Hawkins, John Perrone, Philip Pidot, Carlos Shimabukuro, Roderick Watson and Councilman Efraim Spagnoletti.

GalloFundraiser_073115ASpagnoletti spoke last, discussing the serious issues facing Glen Cove. As the night drew to a close, all the candidates spoke to those in attendance, discussing concerns that each person had.
Gallo’s background in education and sports, combined with his two-term experience on the City Council, has prepared him for this path.

To date, his campaign has raised a total of $52,751, according to recently released campaign finance disclosures. Team Gallo’s support came largely from small donors, with sub-$200 donations accounting for 34 percent of the total.
Gallo said he credits the success to a shared desire for change among disappointed Glen Cove voters.

“We are absolutely energized by the outpouring of support we’ve received from the community,” Gallo said. “Glen Covers aren’t just contributing financially. They’re volunteering their time, sharing their ideas and getting to know my running mates at our functions around the city. Despite the city’s mounting financial and quality of life concerns, we’re seeing passionate and optimistic people every day who are realizing we have a chance for something better.”

Team Gallo is looking ahead to the Republican Primary on Sept. 10.

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