Gallo Fundraiser Introduces Team


Attended by the “Who’s Who of Glen Cove,” the Team Gallo fundraiser held on June 24 at the Metropolitan was crowded with well-wishers. Anthony Gallo, Jr., Republican candidate and present city council member, gave a heartfelt speech targeting the problems in Glen Cove.

Touching on his platform, Gallo said he believes the city government must be more attentive to protecting the city’s assets, specifically citing his concerns regarding over-development and the city’s current financial situation. Applause was overwhelming as supporters reacted to Gallo’s refreshing voice. His straightforward call to action, “Let’s Make Glen Cove great!” was met with a standing ovation.

GalloFundraiser_073115AFollowing Gallo’s speech, his fellow candidates, all long-time Glen Covers, took the podium. Resembling a corporate think-tank, Team Gallo brings together an unrivaled skill set, including financial expertise, banking experience, city planning, human services and business leadership.

Combined with their concern and love for the city, these seasoned professionals are already demonstrating their ability to brainstorm and bring exciting new ideas to the table.

Lastly, Spagnoletti spoke, bringing the entire audience to their feet with his closing speech. The current councilman and council candidate discussed the serious issues facing Glen Cove. As the night drew to a close, all the candidates spoke to those in attendance, discussing concerns that each person had.

“I am so impressed by how well-prepared they are,” said one attendee. “I am amazed that they all just met. They are quite a team!”

Gallo’s background in education and sports, combined with his two-term experience on the City Council, has uniquely prepared him for this path. He knows the issues, he knows the players and has put together a superbly talented team that will work together to face tough decisions down the road.

Team Gallo is looking ahead to the Republican Primary on Sept. 10.

“We are looking for your vote to help make Glen Cove great,” Gallo said.

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