Games Raise Money For Scholarships


Glen Cove school spirit was at its peak during the district’s annual Red and Green Games, held at Glen Cove High School on March 13.

The green team prevailed at the district’s annual Red and Green Games.

The friendly competition, which raised money for the district’s Community Scholarship Fund, consists of two teams facing off in a variety of events, including relay races, handball and dodgeball. The red team was made up of high school students who attended Deasy and Landing elementary schools, while the green team consisted of students who attended Gribbin and Connolly schools.

Students from Deasy School excitedly cheered their team on at the games.

Also participating in the event were children from the elementary schools, who were dressed in red and green to support their respective buildings. The students enjoyed participating in several relay activities with assistance from the high school students.

Members of the red team battled to the finish during the relay event.

The green team was victorious, winning two of three activities at the event. After the winner was announced, high school seniors from both teams challenged district faculty members in a volleyball game. The faculty members came out on top, winning the game.

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