Glen Cove Author Tells It Like It Is


Leave it to an author and history buff to put things into proper perspective. Resident Joan Harrison, who has written three books about Glen Cove and Images of America, humbly declined an offer to become a member of the committee involved in planning the city’s 350th anniversary. She says she could not in good conscience represent such a celebration at a time that Glen Cove’s future is being challenged by over-development.

She is talking, of course, of the controversial waterfront project at Garvies Point being honed jointly by Glen Cove mayor Reginald Spinello and RXR developer Scott Rechler, a native of the city.

Harrison’s special interest in genealogy uncovers both a wish and warning from city elders C. B. Grumman and J.T. Bowne in the commemorative book of the 1868 Glen Cove Bicentennial. She offers this quote for our current city officials to ponder: “Let it not be said of you that the lessons of the past have fallen on indifferent minds.”

Until now the official word is that this oversized undertaking will be a “Win Win” for the city when the more correct term should be a “Win Win” for the developer who is now asking for financial assistance. We must thank citizens like Joan Harrison for maintaining their scruples in the heat of municipal pressure.

—Joe Krupinski

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  1. Scott Rechler is not a “native” of Glen Cove. One set of his grandparents resided in Glen Cove, but he never lived in our city.

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