Glen Cove Girl Scout Awarded Highest Honor


Girl Scouts of Nassau County recently recognized Michelle Melfi, an incoming senior at Glen Cove High School, for earning the Gold Award, the highest and most prestigious award within the Girl Scouts Movement.

In order to be eligible for a Gold Award, a Girl Scout must have completed two Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador Journeys or have already received the Silver Award and completed one additional journey.

The Gold Award also requires the completion of 80 hours or more of an individual leadership Take Action project that makes a sustainable and measurable impact on an important issue or need in the community and that serves to educate and inspire others in the community.

“Earning the Gold Award is an incredible achievement that only 5 percent of all Girl Scouts nationwide obtain,” said Donna Ceravolo, Executive Director and CEO of the Girl Scouts of Nassau County. “We are all so proud of the Gold Award recipients. Their hard work and dedication is truly admirable.”

Michelle Melfi of Glen Cove

This award recognizes the Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts for their leadership skills and excellence and must be completed before or during the Girl Scout’s senior year in high school.

To the majority of the girls receiving the Gold Award, it serves as the peak of their Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Melfi’s Girl Scout Gold Award Take Action Project, Easing the Jump Between Elementary and Middle Schools, served to assist the transition between fifth and sixth grades to get students off to a great start in their new environment.

By developing mini-workshops, pamphlets and a scavenger hunt, Melfi helped inform the fifth-graders what to expect in middle school. The students, their parents and the school district appreciated the project, which will continue after Melfi’s graduation from the school district and be run by the Junior Honor Society.

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