Glen Cove Hires New Police Officers


Two new police officers were appointed to the Glen Cove Police Department at the May 10 city council meeting, replacing officers who are retiring this year. Mayor Reggie Spinello introduced the new officers at the start of the meeting, both of whom will be joining the force in June and attending the police academy. The two positions became available due to the retirement of James McDonnell and Angelo Telese, both of whom are retiring at the end of May.

“We have two young men here who really are Glen Cove’s own and have waited a long time for this,” said Spinello.

Eric M. Caruso is a 2007 graduate of Glen Cove High School, where he played basketball, baseball and soccer, and was an all state trumpeter. He majored in economics and works on Wall Street.

“He’s really what we like to see in an officer,” said Spinello. “He was born and raised here, he cares about Glen Cove and really wants to be a police officer.”

Kevin M. Telese is a 2004 graduate of Glen Cove High School and works at Charles Hardware. Kevin is the son of Angelo Telese, who is retiring and received the badge of his father-in-law, former Sgt. Thomas McDonnell; that badge is now being passed down to Kevin.

The council members all welcomed the new officers upon approving the appointment.
Chief  William Whitton said, “Eric, I expect good things from you and I look forward to having you on board in December.”

Front row: Mayor Spinello, Kevin Telese, Eric Caruso, Glen Cove Police Chief William Whitton and Deputy Chief Chris Ortiz Second row: Glen Cove City Council Members Nick DiLeo Jr., Efraim Spagnoletti, Pamela Panzenbeck, Joseph Capobianco, Roderick Watson and Timothy Tenke

The academy will take about eight months to complete; Whitton told both, “The academy is hard, you’re going to learn a lot about the law, you’re going to learn a lot about yourselves. I have every confidence that you’ll do a great job.”

To Telese he said, “You come from a long history, lineage of policemen, and I expect you’ll do every bit as good as your father has done.”

Whitton then spoke to Telese’s father, who is retiring after 28 years of service.

“Angelo, I speak for the whole police department when I say you will be really missed. All the experiences of the last 28 years must be running through your mind and it must be difficult to separate from that; however to watch your son receive the badge that you proudly wore for 28 years…you couldn’t have scripted it any better.”

Additionally, the city council appointed Michael Corigliano to the planning board, effective now through Oct. 28, 2017, and appointed Joseph Fiorino to the zoning board of appeals, effective now through May 3, 2019. The city council also appointed Barbara Gavasto to the Charter Review Commission, effective May 11 through Dec. 31.

The council passed a resolution to enter into a lease agreement with Rallye Lexus Glen Cove, Inc., for rental of 350 parking spaces on the third floor of the Pulaski Street garage, in the amount of $19,600 per month or $235,200 annually.

During public comment, Steve Gonzales asked for an update on the piazza; the mayor said they have sent out letters to the property owners and the next step will be to put out a Request for Proposal (RFP) for an appraiser, then put out an RFP for a builder.

“At the same time, we’re hoping the developer moves forward with the project and if he starts the project, we won’t impede on it,” said Spinello. “But we’re going to continue on this path until we have something going on downtown.”

He added, “I think we’ve been more than patient; he’s made an assortment of promises and timelines that weren’t met. We’re hoping that working on two different ends, we can get the results we want. We’re trying to take a path that gets us where we need to be.”

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