Glen Cove Honors All-County Athletes


Glen Cove High School’s Athletic Department honored its 2014-15 All-County athletes with induction into its school’s Wall of Fame.

Glen Cove High School’s 2014-15 All-County athletes are pictured with their coaches and Athletic Director Denise Kiernan (left).

Athletic Director Denise Kiernan led the ceremony, congratulating the students and thanking them for continuing the tradition of excellence at Glen Cove High School. The Wall of Fame, which is located just outside the high school’s gymnasium, was established in the 1970s by Athletic Director Jim Butz. Congratulations to the following student-athletes: David Perkins (football); Sara Tenke (volleyball); Kevin Shannon (soccer); Rudy Yanes (soccer); BlakeLee Woods (cross country); Grace Blinkoff (cross country); Matthew Pemberton (rifle); Julie Micko (rifle); Taylah Hudson (basketball); Grace Brady (basketball); DeJon Taylor (wrestling); Corey Dinkins (basketball); Ralik Jackson (basketball); Caitlin Brown (softball); Michael Manzione (baseball); Tatiana Guevara (track and field); Timothy Hogan (track and field) and Rodney Ray (track and field).

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