Glen Cove Junior Lacrosse Club: The Season Finale


The Glen Cove Junior Lacrosse Club ended their 2016 seasonwith both second-grade teams notching victories and leaving their fans wanting more.
The Lady Knights had the privilege of closing out their season with a home game on Saturday against Oyster Bay. They took advantage of the home field and entertained the raucous crowd as they displayed their team work and new found passion for the game. Isis Makin did some shakin’ and bakin’ as she maneuvered herself into position to launch some high heat into the back of the net. This was all the Knights needed to secure the game, but that didn’t stop Bryanna Rothwell from sealing the deal with a goal of her own. At that point, the Lady Knights just ran their way to victory, with Aubrey Mercado, Ysabella Rios Butani and Isabella Valensisi doing a lot of the leg work. It seemed as if Marissa Neice would not be denied a ground ball that she contested and Cindy Muth scooped up several loose balls and did a great job locating her sister Cassie up in the middle of the field. It was a total team effort as every girl contributed in some way. We have a lot to be proud of with these girls and see a bright future of lacrosse for all of them.

On Sunday, the other fun bunch of second-graders, the Wee Knights, finished their season in grand fashion, beating Bayville on their own turf. This young group of boys has worked very hard to learn the game of lacrosse and it looked like it all came together on this day. Cole Trotto did his usual, scoring four goals to lead the team in scoring. Trotto also did a good job distributing the ball as he had several good looks to his teammates. PJ Houghton and Stefano Malatos each added two goals as they sliced and diced their way to the goal. It was a hard fought one-goal game for most of it, but the Glen Cove Knights managed to end it on top, thanks to some outstanding goaltending down the stretch by James Pascucci and a critical groundball won by Ace Anderson. Their season might be over, but they have some unfinished business and will look to continue this over the summer.

The Mid-Knights ended their season this week, the way it began—another hard fought close loss. Playing in a fourth-grade league with a mixed group of third- and fourth-graders has proved a challenge, as the Knights could only muster one win this year.  But these Knights proved resilient as most of those losses were by two goals or less. This past game saw the Knights put together a furious fourth quarter comeback, only to lose 11-10. The grit and spirit that were on display by the entire team was inspiring to fans, parents and coaches alike and we look forward to watching these Knights continue their career in this sport. The experience of playing up in talent will certainly help them as they continue on. We’d like to mention individuals to congratulate them on their year, but we’d be listing 23 individuals.

Congratulations to the team for never giving up and always continuing to leave their hearts on the field.

The fifth- and sixth-grade Late Knights also suffered a loss, but that did not diminish all the hard work they put in since December. They too played in a league above their level and hopefully realized the need to get serious as they continue their lacrosse careers. Micah Stone and Matt Nystrom braved the goaltending position as Ryan Houghton worked on his new defensive role. Still, Houghton had an itch to play some offense, so he took it the distance to score with his longpole. Charlie Benazzi was able to shake two defenders as he scored the other goal. As most of the team is in sixth grade, Coach Chiclacos is looking forward to bolstering his middle school team with some seasoned talent from the junior league ranks.

As the season draws to an end the junior lacrosse club would like to thank all of our dedicated coaches and the people involved in bringing youth lacrosse to Glen Cove. And thanks to all of our fans and supporters for bringing the noise to each and every game.

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