Glen Cove Primary Campaigning Begins


It’s only June and already the election season has begun, appearing to be a contentious one. Both candidates seeking a seat as Mayor of Glen Cove have their teams lined up and are actively campaigning, as Councilman Anthony Gallo, Jr., announced his candidacy last March, hoping to oust incumbent Mayor Reginald Spinello, who is the official designee of the Republican Committee and has also been endorsed by Nassau Democrats.

Gallo, a Republican, opened his headquarters on Forest Avenue on May 22, where “Team Gallo” supporters listened to Gallo and his slate of city council candidates preview their plans for the upcoming campaign.

Tony Gallo’s campaign headquarters opened last month on Forest Avenue.

With close to 100 Glen Covers on hand for the event, Gallo outlined his forecast for Glen Cove’s future. He discussed the focus of his platform, which features responsible growth, reduced taxes and more recreational opportunities for the city’s children.
His slate includes Councilman Efraim Spagnoletti, John Perrone, Carlos Shimabukuro, Roderick Watson, Philip Pidot and Nancy Hawkins.

Gallo is looking ahead to the Republican Primary in September.

“Partisan politics will have no place in my administration,” said Gallo. “I have chosen to run for mayor because I care about the entire community. I’ve had many conversations with Glen Cove residents, homeowners and business owners. They are frustrated with the empty promises, double talk from politicians and political cronyism. The people of Glen Cove expect a great city and I intend to deliver it.”

Kristina Heuser, Nicolas DiLeo, Danielle Willis, Reginald Spinello, Pam Panzenbeck, Tab Hauser, Joe Capobianco

Spinello, an Independence Party member, has been endorsed by the Nassau Democratic Party as well as the Glen Cove and Nassau County Republican Committees.

Spinello was nominated at the May 7 Republican convention, along with incumbent council members Pamela Panzenbeck and Joseph Capobianco and deputy city attorney Kristina Heuser, hospital administrator Danielle Willis, businessman Nicholas DiLeo, Jr. and former executive and photographer Tab Hauser.

“This a diverse and energetic ticket; a great combination of both youth and experience,” said Glen Cove Republican Chairman David Zatlin. “These are people who will work together to continue Mayor Spinello’s record of positive change and accomplishment as Glen Cove moves forward in the coming years.”

“The agenda my administration has presented to our community of holding the line on taxes, improving our quality of life, fighting illegal housing, managing expenses while growing the revenue, opening Glen Cove to new businesses and creating local jobs has been well received by all parties,” said Spinello. “The future growth and success of our community depends on all of these components and I am grateful to those council people who put politics aside and recognized that good government must always come first.”

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