Glen Cove Taxes Have Gone Up, Not Down


You might’ve noticed Spinello campaign signs around town claiming “Less taxes, more jobs!”
Or you might’ve seen the mayor’s official list of fiscal accomplishments, the first of which alleges, “2015 budget contained a tax decrease for businesses and a stabilization of residential property taxes.”

What, then, are we to make of the data published on the city website, which shows a citywide 2015 tax levy $500,000 higher than 2014 (and nearly $1 million higher than 2013)? Yes, 0.8 percent was shaved off the commercial tax rate this year, but the residential rate was boosted 1.2 percent. And since residential taxes make up more than two-thirds of the tax base, that leaves us with a meaningful increase in taxes. Not a decrease. Not a stabilization.

Admittedly, it’s hard to avoid raising taxes when you keep increasing spending. That’s why Councilman Gallo and the rest of his slate (myself included) have committed to a serious reduction in our egregiously wasteful spending, paving the way for significant relief in both commercial and residential taxes.

Taxes in Glen Cove are too high. We need real relief, not revisionist campaign rhetoric.
—Philip Pidot

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