God Bless America


I recently attended one of the many summertime music festivals at Morgan Park. The performance that evening was “All Shook Up,” a tribute to Elvis Presley. Over the years these shows have been chaired by Marguerite Suozzi, who I must say did a fantastic job. Most recently, her son Tom has picked up the chairmanship, and like mom, does a great job.

I was elated at the start of the program this evening when Tom indicated a suggestion was made that we open the program with a tribute to our country. He asked the audience whether they would like to do the Pledge of Allegiance or “God Bless America.” The audience responded with “both.” The audience all rose and recited the Pledge and then, under Tom’s leadership, sung “God Bless America.” It is hard to express the feeling of unity that I, and I am sure everyone else felt that evening. As commander of the American Legion in Glen Head, all too often we forget where our allegiance lies and we sometimes have to be reminded. May God bless Tom Suozzi for putting God and country first and may God Bless America.

—Bill Laderer, Commander, Post 336 Glenwood Landing

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