Goodbye View


Imagine yourself, sitting on the Sea Cliff Beach dock. You lie down and look at the horizon and the pretty beaches and trees. You feel peace within you.

Now imagine yourself sitting on the same dock. You look sideways and instead of those beautiful beaches and trees you see buildings. Tall, big, red brick buildings. Whatever happened to your view? It’s not even peaceful anymore. All you hear are the honking of car horns and shouting customers. What happened?

Well, Glen Cove had decided to put up a huge development on the waterfront. From one perspective, this sounds great—shopping, eating and having fun. But now think of it another way. You’re at the beach and almost everything you love about it is gone. Goodbye view. Hello buildings. Hello noise. Hello polluted water.

With the development, there will be a lot more pollution in the water. Plus, there will be more barges, which isn’t good for the water either. So say your goodbyes and give your hugs and kisses to one more thing—swimming. So now, your beautiful beach—gone. Mostly all that remains is the rocky, old sand.

Even though the development is in Glen Cove it still affects Sea Cliff. Our beach is practically gone. And even though it’s in Glen Cove, we can still do something.
Sea Cliff held a waterfront development protest on May 15. There have been other meetings since then. Take part. Buy a t-shirt and support. Go to a village board meeting where they discuss ways to make the village better. Or simply just care. But you better act fast because this could be the view from the beach before you know it.

—Caroline W., age 9

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  1. Your like an old crotchety man, stop standing in the way of progress, I beleive the water will be cleaner once they develop, right now it’s years of industrial waste down there about time they clean it up

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