Gribbin Students Host Holiday Expo


Gribbin Elementary School second-graders in Jennifer Russo’s class recently took part in a Holiday Expo, along with their family members.

The event was a culminating activity on the students’ recent study of different types of communities, which was covered in the school’s English Language Arts and social studies curriculum. As part of their studies, children were educated on rural, urban and suburban communities and created dioramas based on what they learned.

Michael Renga proudly displayed his Suburban Community diorama.

At the Holiday Expo, the children acted as vendors, ushering their families from table to table to show off their recent class projects, which included their community dioramas, holiday ornaments and Small Moments books. The books were personal narratives that the students wrote based on something they had experienced.

According to Russo, the idea for the Holiday Expo came together through a conversation with students on what types of events occur in their community. She said the holiday season was the perfect time to have parents visit the classroom to witness what the children were learning in the school.

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