How Does Eve Do It?


Yes, she’s my wife and I’m lucky, but I promise you, the City of Glen Cove is lucky to have her, too! Passion and dedication in all that she does, and “with a smile”—that’s Eve.

On a personal note, Eve is not only my wife, but my best friend.  s a mom and stepmom to four wonderful children, Eve shows love and guidance in a calm, loving manner.

As a doctor, many of you know her—a true professional with a very caring and nurturing side, and always putting her patients’ needs first.

And then there’s Glen Cove. Wow, does she love her community. Candidates, including Eve, will show you their list of city boards and chairs they’ve been involved in over the years. But what I want to emphasize here is her passion and dedication to them. She is tireless in trying to make Glen Cove, our home, the best it can be.

I’ve watched Eve do all these things in a very clear and thoughtful way. Never excited or in a “shoot from the hip” manner. Perhaps it’s because of her training as a doctor that she addresses issues in a very calm and analytical manner. She does her due diligence and provides solutions.

So many times friends and family ask me, “How does Eve do it?!” I simply say that Eve puts her all into everything she loves, and she does it with a smile!

—John Ferrante

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