How Lucky Is Sea Cliff?


What that other municipalities find themselves half as fortunate as the Incorporated Village of Sea Cliff. First of all, we have an energetic, experienced mayor in eight-year incumbent Bruce Kennedy who announced recently that he wants to be “mayor forever.” And you know what, he has just enough self-confidence to make that dream come true.

Secondly, I myself want to continue forever in increments of every four years as the “unofficial mayor and people’s voice” as I willingly and proudly have served for the past 35 years, but who’s counting?

What’s more, Sea Cliff has enough dedicated volunteers to shake a proverbial stick at. One thing we don’t have is “a few good men” (out of the U.S. Marines movie by the same name) to change the equation of the Civic Association. Out of curiosity, I looked at the Progressive Dinner list of the SCCA, which presently has 20 or more female officers and directors, but no men.

Under the premise of “You can’t have it all,” Sea Cliff defies all odds by living up to its billing for tranquility, our own little baby boom in the past year and the number of registered dogs on leashes. Deputy mayor Ed Lieberman has a cute little true story about the number of dogs in the village.

He had a house guest who was visiting Sea Cliff for the first time. When they reached Sea Cliff Avenue with Ed’s two canines, the guest turned to him and asked seriously, “Do you have to own a dog to live in Sea Cliff?” Ed’s answer was no, but it planted a seed as executive producer of his next extravaganza. A dog show.

To that this “people’s voice” adds the long-time idea for a doggie park in Sea Cliff. Even a location comes to mind. Prospect Avenue between 14th and 15th Avenues. It’s where Sea Cliff’s parades line up before stepping out. For the sake of fair play, the comments of NIMBYs are welcome.

—Joe Krupinski

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