I Support John Perrone


I have been a Glen Cove homeowner for 20 years and I have known John professionally for many of them. His problem solving skills are unparalleled. He has the uncanny ability to see through a problem to find a solution and follows up to make sure it’s solved.  I have found that he has a passion for helping people by applying his keen knowledge, skills and ability.

I also have the pleasure of knowing him and his family and he is always thoughtful and kind. When I heard he was thinking of running for office, I thought this is the type of person we need on our city council. His prior experience on the youth programs, zoning and planning boards give him detailed knowledge of our city.

He is caring, wants to help, and knows how to solve the problem at hand. These are the skills that are needed to lead our city. John is a valuable member of our community and has served many of the residents in our city through his years as an insurance broker. He is an asset to our community and I truly believe that he will be a great benefit to the city council.

All residents of Glen Cove would be better off with John Perrone on city council. I encourage everyone to vote for him on Nov. 3.

—Roseann McMahon

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