Incredible Season For Vipers


By Michael Piccirillo, North Shore Vipers Baseball

The North Shore Vipers had an incredible fall baseball season. This amazing team played in the National Junior Baseball League, which is one of the premier travel baseball leagues on Long Island. After playing 14 games throughout September and October, the Vipers took home the 10U National Division Championship with a season record of 12–2 scoring a season total of 101 runs against the likes of the Syosset Braves, Long Island Hellcats, WEST Warriors, PW PAL D-Backs and NY Bulldogs.

As if that wasn’t enough baseball, the Vipers played in four tournaments across Long Island, adding another 16 games to the season. The Vipers were very successful in each of their tournament games and they had shown significant development, transitioning from 60’ bases during regular season play to 75’ bases in the tournaments.

Vipers_111115AThe Vipers were quick to claim the East Meadow Fall Bash Championship tournament with a devastating 8-0 win against the East Meadow Mustangs. The Vipers also went on to take second place in the Long Island Hot Stove Labor Day Gold Glove Invitational, which was their first 75’ base tournament and second place in the Bethpage Glynn Kenny Fall Classic.

What’s most impressive about the Vipers is not the two division championships, two tournament championships and two second place tournament wins they’ve achieved since this team was created a little over a year ago, but rather the brother-like friendships they have all made. They are a class-act team that shows respect for the game and one another. Their intense love for the game transcends from the heart and explodes on the field each and every game. You would think they would want to go home once their game ended; instead, while the other team is packing up their equipment and cleaning out their dugout, the Vipers are back on the field playing a game of “21” where they must make 21 fielding outs as head coach Rick Cook bats balls onto the field. A play is called as the ball is batted and the boys must successfully “make the play,” which would award them an out, otherwise an out is deducted. This usually goes on for some time but the boys can’t get enough.

As always, The North Shore Vipers 10U travel baseball team would like to thank their families and sponsors for their continued support. They are one year closer to Cooperstown.

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