It’s About More Than The Y


The future of the YMCA seems about the only issue Mayor Spinello’s opponents seem to want to talk about. Sure, everyone wants the “Y” to continue to operate as it is, but the status of a private not-for-profit recreational facility that the mayor has no control over should not be the only issue on which to base a campaign.

Let’s talk instead about accomplishments. How about Mayor Spinello’s efforts to finally do something about illegal and substandard housing in our city after 20 years of relative inaction. In the first 18 months in office, Mayor Spinello’s administration has brought suit against landlords, and issued fines in excess of $200,000. How about unprecedented savings in new labor agreements, saving the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars each from retirement incentives and other cost cutting initiatives. How about bringing new businesses to Glen Cove, and with them creating 300 jobs. How about finally seeing some real progress at the waterfront, in the downtown, in our city services, at the animal shelter. There are numerous other new initiatives. All the while holding the line on taxes!

Yes, the “Y” is important. The gyms and pools and facilities are enjoyed by people from Glen Cove, Sea Cliff, Locust Valley and all along the Gold Coast. I hope it continues to flourish for many years to come. But let’s face it, it’s time to start looking at the real issues that have true meaning to the people of Glen Cove.

—Nancy Furlong

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