It’s All About The Money


Question: What could Glen Cove and its surrounding communities do with $1 million per year?

Wrong Answer: Let the YMCA of Long Island take it away to fund their corporate offices and other branches.

Correct Answer: Keep it in Glen Cove! Why? Purely by following the tenets of the landlord (Glen Cove Neighborhood Association) of the YMCA-Glen Cove property—this land is only for the educational and recreational purposes of Glen Cove and its surrounding communities.  The Y-LI is not about Glen Cove and its surrounding communities—it is all about the money.

I just read yet another letter signed by the same person who has also been vocal at several of this year’s city council meetings. He is neither an employee nor a board member of any YMCA organization. He is not on the board of the GCNA, either. He is free to write about his opinions, and can even give you spin-doctored versions of Y-GC rebuttals, but since I am a former Y-GC Board member, I can give you some actual facts that Y-LI does not want you to know.

In the past, when Y-GC was able to keep more of its surplus, it gave the branch a feeling of ownership and accountability. But now the board and employees don’t really have a say in how this income can be used anymore, or even if they get to keep it. Over the past couple of years, Y-LI changed from approximately 7 percent ($350,000) of its total revenue to be a part of the Y organization to around 15 percent ($700,000). One of the reasons for this increase is that it funds (in approximate numbers) a highly paid corporate staff of Y-LI ($500,000), national Y dues ($50,000), support services ($50,000) and an underutilized building reserve account (over $100,000).

This means that it costs Y-GC approximately $700,000 per year to be a “YMCA” when a few years ago it was only around $350,000. Plus, a highly successful $1 million offsite child care program in Western Nassau that Y-GC developed, implemented and staffed was taken away from Y-GC without notice, without a valid reason, and, with what former board members believe, was retaliation because we started to question their administrative and financial decisions during the few months prior. This particular program generated a surplus of $300,000 for our local branch which is now going elsewhere.

As a result, the Y-GC no longer produces a surplus! Plus, it costs $1 million to be a part of the YMCA of Long Island!

The Y is turning into a health club masquerading as a not-for-profit where $1 million per year will be going to corporate. It is contrary to the mission of the GCNA to take the profits out—since this is what Y-LI is doing, we need to focus on what we, as a community, need to do to stop this financial drain out of Glen Cove.
“Let’s Keep the Glen Cove in the Glen Cove Y!”

—Dr. Eve Lupenko

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